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"Your Old Men Will Dream Dreams..."

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

I was driving in a twilight mist through an ancient, yet modern city. Traffic was heavy...

At a forced stop, a tall man in white motions to me. As I exit the car, he beckons me to follow him halting at a large glass door. There he poses a question like a riddle:

"Through this doorway you will find what you asked about and are searching for. It will be something you will come away with, yet hold nothing in your hands."

Intrigued, however puzzled, I entered into what appeared to be a Heavenly music store!

Gazing upwards, I noticed giant marble pillars displaying all manner of gold and glass harps, colorful flutes and the like, which were uniquely crafted, yet unknown to me.

Lighting up in wonder, I heard a deep voice behind me: "Would you like to investigate further?" an older shopkeeper asked, from behind the counter.

"Would it be possible to try one out?" I replied.

"Yes," he smiled. "However, the real answer you seek has to do with your prayer."

Standing next to this man stood a white-haired woman, who calmly said, "The answer to your question is: 'Yes,'"...

Instinctively, I remembered before falling asleep, I had said a short prayer: "Dear Lord, show me if what we're witnessing right now, unfolding through these shots, is truly 'the Mark.'"

The man nodded at me, as if to say: "You understand then..."

Smiling to put me at ease, he also said the word: "Yes." He followed this with a frown, saying, "It is 'the unholy Mark.'"

Feeling penitent, I nodded in acknowledgment and walked quickly outside.

The tall man in white was still standing by the entrance and without him even speaking, I heard audible words: "You have your answer then,,, as to awaken."

Abruptly, I awoke from my dream in a sweat, considering all these things. In the glow of morning, I closed my eyes once again, hoping to recall more details from this dream; Yet first giving thanks to Him who gives generously to those who ask...

"Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions." Joel 2: 28

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